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Mutual Fund Solutions

Amerity offers mutual funds products from a variety of reputable fund companies operating in Canada to satisfy the needs of savings, retirement and asset growth of individuals and companies.

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Multiple Account Options

Non-Registered Account

(Open Account)

Flexible with no conbutions limit. Free to open the Account at any age. Investments Are subject to tax puposes.


(Tax-Free Saving Account)

An account does not apply taxes on any gains and can be withdrawn tax free. Can be opened by any Canadian tax Resident is over 18 years old and has a SIN


(Registered Retirement Saving Plan)

Any contributions in the RRSP account can be deducted from the income of the year. Prepare for retirement and receive tax benefits.


(Locked-In Retirement Account)

Usually transferred from a corporate pension plan, with tax benefits like RRSP. Restrict access to the money until retirement


(Registered Education Saving Plan)

Special Saving account for parents who want o save for their children's post-secondary education and enjoys preferential treatment such as government subsidies and tax extensions.

Non-individual Account

For companies, non-profit organization or trusts with cash reserves, increase the company's stable investment income


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