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Tax Planning

Tax planning is among six areas in financial planning and is also a critical aspect of the whole financial plan. Our advisor can introduce several tax-minimization strategies and tax-efficient investment solutions to our client.

Tax Minimization Strategies


Family Income Splitting

Income splitting works by transferring the tax liability from higher income to lower income family members, who are taxed at a lower rate. There are several ways to do this, including contributing to spousal RRSPs, creating formal spousal loan arrangements or establish family trust.


Investing through tax-exempt insurance

In addition to providing your family with financial security, life insurance policies can also help reduce your investment taxes. You can deposit additional amounts into a life insurance policy for investment purposes, and the investment income accumulates on a tax-free basis, similar to an RRSP.

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Tax-efficient Asset Allocation

Your Investment Advisor can help you maximize tax-efficient investments and investment plans, including your RRSP, RRIF and TFSA.

Tax-efficient Investment Solutions

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Corporate Class Funds

which are a tax-efficient way to build wealth faster by minimizing and deferring taxes outside of registered plans.

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Series T Funds

which provide an alternative for investors looking for steady cash flow with the potential for capital appreciation.

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Charitable Giving Program

which is a donor-advised giving program designed to provide you with a strategic and more focused approach to giving.


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