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Estate Plannig

Estate planning is the process of planning what will happen to your assets at the time of your death. Estate planning is not always an easy topic to deal with, but having a thought-out plan in place is important for not only you but your beneficiaries.

Helping you build and effectively manage your wealth and investments is just one of the ways Amerity Wealth Management help meet your needs. Using insurance strategies and other solutions, we can help you protect your wealth during your lifetime, preserve the value of your estate for your beneficiaries, and help you tax-effectively transfer your wealth to family members, a favorite charity or other beneficiary.

Main components of estate plan

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Your last will and testament.

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Any beneficiary designations you have made on registered investments and insurance products

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Any survivorship provisions on any jointly held property ( for example, if you own your home in “ joint tenancy” with your spouse, and your spouse survives you, they will inherit the home regardless of the terms of your will, except in the province of Quebec)

Client’s needs of estate planning

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Asset protection

Protect the value of your estate through living benefits insurance, segregated funds and insured annuities.

Wealth transfer

Maximize the wealth you pass on using tax-effective insurance strategies and charitable giving solutions.

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Estate settlement

Learn how we can help ease the burden if you've been appointed as an estate executor, or are considering naming someone as executor.


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