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Brokerage & Referral Arrangments

Referral Banking Services

Amerity and its partner are providing banking All-in-One Solutions, lets you access daily banking services, home equity, credit cards, chequeing and saving account into a complete cash management solutions that can help you with the daily finance.

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Investment with Leverage

Amerity and its partners are providing Investment Loan for special clients. With leveraged investing, you invest borrowed money and that means you can invest a much larger amount. Because you’re investing more money, you earn more when markets rise and lose more when markets drop*. If you can accept that higher level of risk, leveraged investing can be an effective way to create wealth faster.

Mortgage Arrangements

Amerity and its partner are providing professional mortgage services for individual and business owner. We are pleased to provide the best rates and services for our clients purchasing a home. Our advisor and mortgage specialist from our partner will discuss with your mortgage needs without obligation.

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B2B Bank

  • Investment Loan

  • Intermediaries Account

  • Personal or business Mortgages

Manulife Bank

  • Mortgages

  • Bank accounts

  • Deposit Instruments

  • Investment Loans

  • Credit Cards.

National Bank

  • Discount Brokerages

        (Bond, Equity, Options, Futures)

  • Mortgages

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